AUTODESK and ILIMA Digital Foundary (PTY) Ltd announce a new initiative accelerating the delivery of affordable housing for Africa​

Autodesk, the world’s leading design software company, is partnering with iLima Digital Foundary whose mission is to pioneer alternative technologies and alternative business models for affordable housing for Africa.

This will be delivered through iLima’s new Africa Construction Innovation Platform (ACIP) and Smart Building Advisor (SBA) which will aim to accelerate the building of safe, high quality, sustainable, low cost homes for Africa.

The ACIP platform will facilitate African construction enterprises and further develop ACIP skills in Africa.

“Supporting iLima Digital Foundary further underlines the Autodesk commitment to Africa” says Dr Roland Zelles, Autodesk’s Vice President of Global Territory Sales.
According to Shelter Afrique, “The fastest growing cities in the world are in Africa, requiring more than 500 million homes and buildings in the next 30 years.” This growth in the population rate has created a massive demand on the economy to provide housing especially for those most in need.

iLima Digital Foundary has been established because traditional construction processes are not sufficient to address the booming African construction needs. The problem with the existing methods, is that they lead to exorbitant costs, high levels of waste , lengthy construction times, insufficient quality, and unsustainable materials.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted socio-economic differences and thus acts as a key catalyst to accelerate change in construction in terms of technological investment and social distancing.

At the core of iLima’s Africa Construction Innovation Platform (ACIP) will be Autodesk BIM360 Construction Lifecycle Management software, tightly linked to the iLima real-time, single source of truth “as-built” models. iLima brings survey accuracy measurement technology to the construction site, to measure the constructed results continuously and provide navigation, guidance and control to the equipment and operators performing these tasks.

“The iLima ACIP closed loop end-to-end construction process, not only benefits the construction phase, but also allows the full life cycle of the assets to be managed with reduced time, cost, increased quality and less wastage” says Karsten Popp, CEO of iLima Digital Foundary.

iLima Digital Foundary is pioneering Affordable Living in Africa by harnessing digital technologies, new business models and real time data to significantly reduce TIME & COSTS while increasing QUALITY& SUSTAINABILITY covering the whole building lifecycle ( Design-Build-Operate), everything “AFRIKA READY”. We are teaming with the “like-minded” strategic partners to make it happen. We are based in Johannesburg and San Francisco.

For further information contact Anthony Modena: or call: +27 10 595 2535 or visit

Anthony Modena | Friedl Swanepoel | Karsten Popp