Growing partnerships in affordable housing

Scaling the co-creation of sustainable communities together

iLima Digital Foundary along with its innovative partners, are committed to bringing quality, affordable housing solutions to Africa and the world.

Proud member of:

The AUHF has over 50 members including mortgage banks, building societies, housing micro lenders, housing corporations, technology companies, development finance institutions, and other organisations involved in the mobilisation of funds for shelter and housing in Africa.
Contractors, homeowners, suppliers, banks, and communities globally rely on iBUILD's proprietary, end-to-end construction technology platform.
Manufacturers and distributors of the Moladi building system with an export footprint in Africa, South America and the Caribbean.
Through new solutions we can house more neighbors in need and prove to the world what’s possible when we dream big and work together.
Working towards the eradication of global inequality in emerging markets, by using our next generation mobile advertising platform to get free smartphones, internet and information in the hands of those who need it most.
T4H are the developers of the C-Phone, the Citizen Phone. A mobile digital ecosystem that embeds tailored essential services to improve the lives of many.