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iLima Digital Foundary is the AI construction platform of the future

iLima Digital Foundary’s unique AI-driven Construction Innovation Platform (ACIP) matches all stakeholders across the building lifecycle of affordable housing projects. An innovation that will significantly reduce risk, cost, time and greatly increase quality, sustainability and transparency.

Exploring the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on efficiency, safety, and sustainability in construction practices.

Constructing the future: AI's impact on efficiency and safety

Step into the future of construction with the latest article by the World Economic Forum, 4 Ways AI Is Revolutionising the Construction Industry.

Discover how AI is transforming the industry by providing real-time insights, optimising equipment usage, accelerating training, enhancing site safety, and increasing sustainability. Overcoming historical barriers, AI has become a necessity, offering low-cost, high-return solutions.
Dive into the revolution now and explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on efficiency, safety, and sustainability in construction practices. The construction process is evolving, benefiting greatly from integrating and leveraging AI technologies, especially when paired with on-site hardware and simple user experiences. Embrace the revolution – it’s not just an option; it’s a necessity. Read the full article >
In a remarkable turn, the construction industry, often perceived as slow in tech adoption, is now aligning with AI. The introduction of low-cost, high-return-on-investment (ROI) solutions is revealing profits that make AI adoption not just imminent but essential. These user-first solutions facilitate easy integration, requiring no additional or external operators.

The hurdles identified in the 2021 GlobalData survey are dismantled as we delve into the top four reasons constraining tech adoption in the construction sector. Discover how AI emerges as the key to overcoming these barriers

The sustainable smart village

The integrator for community living

The smart village is designed around a framework of interconnected and integrated residential, commercial, community and service infrastructures which in turn will create the foundation for a thriving, sustainable, and circular village economy. 

Traditional construction processes don't work any longer

New platform based business models are innovating fast

Definition of a platform business model: a business model that creates value by facilitating exchanges between two or more interdependent groups, usually consumers and producers.

iLima Digital Foundary is innovating

iLima Digital Foundary products will enable you to re-imagine and create self-sustainable villages in Africa and around the world.