The social distancing requirements of the COVID-19 virus pandemic and future disasters emphasize the urgency for tele-operation and robotics to perform the dangerous and dirty tasks in the construction and operation of your infrastructure. If you are in lockdown contact us.

Affordable Housing for Africa

Let’s make a difference together

Co-creating the self-sustainable village economy together with the community

For a self-sustainable village or township to thrive, an in-depth understanding of the wants and needs of local businesses and communities is essential. The iLima Digital Foundary Platform is designed to help stakeholders partner with communities to design, build and operate efficiently.


The iLima mission

Cities in Africa are the fastest-growing in the world and will double in population by 2050. We need an Africa-ready innovation construction process to keep up with the need.


News and Press releases

Read the latest news and press release articles about iLima Digital Foundary making headlines to achieve their goal to provide real solutions for the housing crisis in Africa.


A home for anyone, and everyone in a home

At iLima Digital Foundary, we want to help you co-create self-sustainable village economies for your customers and communities.

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Major building blocks

Technology is ready – Africa is ready. There are several new and innovative construction technologies available and even constantly being invented to enable us to alleviate the housing shortage in Africa.


About iLima Digital Foundary

Meet the founding members behind this innovative construction driven initiative whose vision and mission is to provide real solutions for the housing crisis in Africa.


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If it is your passion to help make affordable housing for Africa a reality, we would like to hear from you. Whatever your contribution may be, we welcome and value your input.