Co-creating the Self-sustainable Village Economy Together with the Community
with iLima Products

The iLima Digital Foundary Digital Platform

The iLima Digital Foundary digital platform is designed to consult with local people and local businesses as equal partners and co-creators of their own communities. By encouraging engagement and design input, data-driven decision-making will drive greater efficiencies in the design, build, operation and integration of the built environment. Generative design can provide many options for diverse communities and can adapt to their needs and changes over time.

The iLima Sustainable Village Economy Development Framework harnesses Big Data, AI, Machine Learning and platform technologies to significantly reduce risk, cost, time while greatly increasing quality, sustainability and transparency.

The Integrator for Community Living

The township or village economy defined

The “township economy” generally refers to all the economic activities occurring in formally promulgated urban areas known as townships. This encompasses the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services. It is a spatial concept, unlike that of the informal economy, which refers to unregulated economic activities irrespective of their location.

Source: Strengthening Township Economies in South Africa: the Case for Better Regulation and Policy Innovation by Andreas Scheba & Ivan Nicholas Turok

Community as a Product - CaaP

CaaP is a computational tool that analyzes a wide array of data to automatically create optimized buildings and neighborhood layouts. It addresses regulatory concerns, street layouts, block orientations, real estate, weather, building height, and “quality of life” measures.

iLima Affordable Sustainable Village Economy Framework

Create optimised buildings and neighbourhood layouts with CaaP

The Smart Building Advisor is accessible on multiple platforms and devices

Smart Building Advisor - SBA

The iLima Smart Building Advisor (SBA) uses the aggregated intelligence of the ACIP platform to support the user with instructions and advice through the Smart Building Advisor User Interface. User interaction helps the system constantly learn and improve. The Smart Building Advisor is available on multiple platforms and devices.

ACIP Big Data Platform

The iLima Afrika Construction Innovation Platform (ACIP) is a distributed architecture data storage and processing platform that manages the data (digital and physical) collected and disseminated for the end-to-end construction process. ACIP is an integrated family of databases and processing resources, configured as a hybrid platform to support both the transactional and the developmental activities.

Collaborate with all stakeholders using the Big Data from the ACIP Platform

ACIP - Key Building Blocks