Smart Data Social Housing Platform to improve standard of living for many living in Africa

[Johannesburg, 16 March 2022]

T4H and iLima Digital Foundary have formed a strategic partnership to create the first Africa Smartdata Social Housing Platform, linking the cutting edge technology of the iLima ACIP AI Construction platform with the T4H tailor-made mobile platform, C-Phone. The collaboration brings together two important approaches that focus primarily on essential housing and financial services for people with moderate incomes in Africa

The first joint-product “iLima-T4H Homebuilder” will be offered on the C-Phone in September 2022, but many additional joint developments are planned.

The benefits of the iLima-T4H Africa Smart Data Social Housing Platform include:

  • Turning the poverty cycle and improving the daily lives of individuals
  • Providing inclusive access to essential services such as education, health, sport, financial, housing etc.
  • Delivering a social housing and holistic village solution that will be cheaper / faster / better quality and more sustainable and transparent
  • Creating local jobs
  • Systems and processes that are repeatable and scalable
  • Everything Africa Ready…

Improving peoples lives

“We firmly believe in the possibility of having a strong Africa with inclusive economic growth. Inclusive growth, helping to advance the middle class, thanks to a new digital mobile ecosystem facilitating access to essential services to improve the lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid” said Alain Dolium, CEO T4H.

The disruptive but adapted technological offer within the C-Phone will be dedicated first to emerging countries in Africa but also to the social disadvantage-areas located in western countries.  Individuals will not only have easy access to essential services, but they will be empowered to improve their daily lives and co-create a post-crisis Covid-19, world of tomorrow. Additionally, the system is designed to help countries to create ideal conditions for inclusive and sustainable growth, by strengthening the capacities of countries and large organisations as well as meeting the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) set out by the United Nations (UN).

Housing for all, a strong government promise

Affordable housing is one of the major focus areas of the UN. According to the latest UN data, over 1 billion people live in poverty, and it estimates that 3 billion people will require adequate and affordable housing by 2030. In Africa alone, the affordable housing backlog, as committed by governments, exceeds 70 million homes. Furthermore, traditional fragmented building processes are no longer deemed adequate and are considered far too costly to address this pressing challenge.

Karsten Popp, CEO of iLima Digital Foundary said, “iLima’s unique and innovative approach consisting of the Village Realisation ACIP AI Construction Platform, and Data-Driven Construction Management Software, aims to address this problem by revolutionising the development of affordable homes and self-sustainable communities in Africa”.

About the T4H Telecom and Digital Ecosystem C-Phone “Citizen-SmartPhone” Big Data Platform

The pre-installed apps on the C-Phone are designed to improve people’s lives by enabling “vulnerable individuals” to easily access essential services like employment, education, health, financial inclusion, sport and social housing,  in order to improve their daily lives. Furthermore, the Telecom and Digital ecosystem C-Phone imports social smart data (no intrusive) in order to better understand the essential needs of underserved people in real time. More information can be found via the website address:

About iLima's Affordable Housing and Village Realisation Big Data Platform (ACIP)

ACIP is designed to disrupt the current building lifecycle construction process by harnessing big data, robotics, and industrialised construction technologies. This process leads to an acceleration in the construction of affordable housing and self-sustainable communities and offers solutions that are much cheaper, faster, better quality, sustainable and transparent and at the same time, creating local jobs.  Everything Africa Ready … Learn more about iLima Digital Foundary via this website link: