02 June 2020

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JOHANNESBURG, June 02, 2020 — iLima Digital Foundary, has partnered with US-based nonprofit New Story to bring Felix, a rapid data collection and analysis platform, to iLima’s Afrika Construction Innovation Platform (ACIP). Most recently, New Story teamed up with construction tech company ICON to build the world’s first 3D printed neighbourhood in Mexico as part of their mission to pioneer solutions to end global homelessness.
Affordable housing is indeed a fundamental human need—the current COVID-19 crisis has further exposed this need around the world. With more than 50% of all people in Africa living in slums (source UN-Habitat), new and innovative approaches are needed more urgently for the entire construction process (Design-Build-Operate) as traditional processes cannot cope.
iLima will be piloting FELIX, New Story’s offline-first data collection and analysis tool, as part of its ACIP platform. Felix provides instant survey to data insights, upon sync, for a high-level view of what’s happening in your communities.
With Felix, surveyors will be able to collect data without connection in the most remote areas and sync once back on Wi-Fi. Once synced, iLima’s data will be centrally stored for analysis, track trends, and enable review of the impact of efforts in their local communities.

Thanks to its ease of use, the survey tool can be deployed directly in the community without supervision, following a short training, to empower unskilled workers, employed by the Community Liaison Officer. It also allows for tracking of volunteers’ surveys and time for quality assurance within the organization. Non-Profit Organisations across Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the U.S. are now using FELIX to measure their impact.

“New Story’s affordable housing work in Mexico, using the latest 3D-printing technology and methodologies, has inspired us at iLima Digital Foundary from the very beginning. Partnering with New Story on their new software tool, FELIX, is a first pragmatic step toward an exciting partnership as we work together to find innovative solutions for affordable housing and homelessness around the world,” says Karsten Popp, CEO of iLima Digital Foundary.
“As aid organizations, it is essential to understand the impact of our interventions. Not only are more donors demanding data-backed decisions, but we owe it to those we serve. We’re pleased to share our unique technology with others across the globe. By partnering with iLima Digital Foundary, I look forward to the tremendous impact our two organizations will have together,,” remarked Morgan Lopes, CTO of New Story.

New Story

New Story pioneers solutions to end global homelessness. The nonprofit organization currently works in Mexico, Haiti, and El Salvador and, in just five years, has built more than 2,700 homes for families in need. Their 100% model ensures that every penny of each donation goes to build homes while organization operating expenses and R&D is covered by private donors such as Y Combinator, prominent venture capitalists, and other leading executives. The homes are built to last for generations and each donation is paired directly with a family so donors can see their impact.
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iLima is pioneering Affordable Living in Africa through alternative construction technologies and alternative business models by harnessing digital technologies, new business models and real time data to significantly reduce TIME & COSTS while increasing QUALITY & SUSTAINABILITY covering the whole building life cycle (Design-Build Operate). iLima has offices in San Francisco and Johannesburg.

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