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MOLADI and ILIMA Digital Foundary announce a technology partnership accelerating the delivery of affordable housing for Africa

[Johannesburg, South Africa, 5 October 2020] –

Moladi, a global leader specializing in a reusable plastic formwork for use in construction of affordable housing and low cost housing projects, mainly in third world countries, is partnering with iLima Digital Foundary whose mission is to pioneer alternative construction technologies and alternative business models for affordable housing for Africa.

This will be delivered through iLima’s new Africa Construction Innovation Platform (ACIP) and Smart Building Advisor (SBA) which will aim to accelerate the building of safe, high quality, sustainable, affordable homes for Africa. The ACIP platform will facilitate African construction enterprises and further develop ACIP skills in Africa.
The ACIP digital platform is an excellent digital tool to make the capabilities and advantages of the Moladi construction system known to general and targeted audiences in the construction world, including the design community, construction community, and operate community says Hennie Botes, President of Moladi.

Botes further underlines “Moladi empowers people to help themselves”. The Moladi monolithic cast house system has succeeded in producing durable structures of quality in the shortest period of time – a house a day per mold. According to a McKinsey report of June 2020, disruptive change is coming to the current highly fragmented construction industry, and it will affect every segment of the value chain. The construction ecosystem of the future will transform into an industrialized construction process with a more integrated and standardized product-based vs current project- based process. Structures will be tagged as products and will be manufactured on and off-site by branded product houses specializing in certain end-user segments. The complete value chain will be consolidated, both vertically by delayering as well as horizontally, with increased focus on digitalization and data-driven products and services.

“The need for affordable housing in Africa is huge says Karsten Popp, iLima CEO – fragmented traditional construction processes and eco-systems just cannot cope – Africa can be the first mover towards the integrated industrialized construction ecosystem as proposed by the June McKinsey report. The partnership between iLima
ACIP AI-Construction Platform and Moladi advanced formwork is a pragmatic leap forward in making this a reality. At the core of iLima’s AI-driven ACIP will be Autodesk BIM360 construction lifecycle management software, tightly linked to the iLima real-time, single source of truth as-built models. iLima brings survey accuracy measurement technology to the construction site, to measure the constructed results continuously and provide navigation, guidance and control to the equipment and operators performing these tasks.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted socio-economic differences and thus acts as a key catalyst to accelerate change in construction in terms of technological investment and social distancing.

iLima Digital Foundary is pioneering Affordable Living in Africa by harnessing digital technologies, new business models and real time data to significantly reduce TIME & COSTS while increasing QUALITY& SUSTAINABILITY covering the whole building lifecycle ( Design-Build-Operate), everything “AFRIKA READY”. We are teaming with the “like-minded” strategic partners to make it happen. We are based in Johannesburg and San Francisco.

For further information contact Anthony Modena: connect@ilimafoundary.com or call: +27 10 595 2535 or visit

Anthony Modena | Friedl Swanepoel | Karsten Popp