African tech partner alliance will add more roofs over heads

Reson18, a targeted mobile customer acquisition and fintech platform, and iLima Digital Foundary have come together to form a strategic partner alliance that will link individuals to iLima’s African AI Construction Innovation Platform (ACIP). This will open the door to consumers who have not had the opportunity to participate in the formal banking economy and will create new avenues of possibilities as well as access to the affordable housing market. Consumers will be connected through Africa’s mobile phone networks which will increase the reach and ensure the availability of the ACIP platform in under-developed and rural regions in Africa

70 Million housing backlog in Africa

Affordable housing is one of the major focus areas of the United Nation (UN). According to the latest UN data, over 1 billion people live in poverty, and it estimates that 3 billion people will require adequate and affordable housing by 2030. In Africa alone, the affordable housing backlog, as committed by governments, exceeds 70 million homes. Furthermore, traditional fragmented building processes are no longer deemed adequate and are considered far too costly to address this pressing challenge. 

“The mounting need for affordable housing in Africa is by far greater than what can currently be supplied. The housing backlog in South Africa already sits at 3.5 million and that number is slowly increasing while the cost of developing these homes is sky rocketing. iLima’s ACIP AI Construction Platform, and Data-Driven Construction Management Software, aims to address this problem by revolutionising the development of affordable homes and self-sustainable communities in Africa. Our association with Reason18 will give us the opportunity to connect our consumers and stakeholders while meeting their expectations with transparent and workable housing and village economy solutions” says CEO of iLima Digital Foundary, Karsten Popp.

Reaching what was deemed “unreachable”

Through this strategic partner alliance iLima Digital Foundary and Reson18 can: 

  • Provide inclusive access to essential services such as education, health, sport, financial and housing previously out of their reach
  • Deliver a social housing and holistic village solution that will be cheaper / faster / better quality and more sustainable and transparent
  • Create local sustainable jobs
  • Implement systems and processes that are repeatable and scalable
  • Everything Africa Ready…

“The number of people in Africa who own a mobile phone has grown exponentially but unfortunately have inversely been overlooked and/or have not prioritized by ‘Big Tech’ and enterprises alike”, says Rian van der Walt, CEO of Reson18. 

“The Reson18 platform’s purpose is to change this by connecting consumers to our affinity marketplace of partners. This means consumers now will have access to all the much-needed services and products that they previously thought of as inaccessible, which is really a game changer for Africa and emerging markets.”

About iLima's Affordable Housing and Village Realisation Big Date Platform (ACIP)

ACIP is designed to disrupt the current building lifecycle construction process by harnessing big data, robotics, and industrialised construction technologies. This process leads to an acceleration in the construction of affordable housing and self-sustainable communities and offers solutions that are much cheaper, faster, better quality, sustainable and transparent and at the same time, creating local jobs. Everything Africa Ready. Learn more at 

About Reson18 Data Reward Platform

Reson18 is a targeted mobile customer acquisition & fintech platform for emerging markets that solves one of the Tech Industry’s biggest challenges. Their cause is to make a meaningful difference in emerging markets consumers lives, reducing inequality and fostering financial inclusion to those who share in their platform’s ecosystem.  Learn more at