[Johannesburg, South Africa, 6 September 2021]

iLima Digital Foundary (iLima) has been named as one of the top 18 Big Data Start-ups in South Africa by the UK-based publication, Data Magazine. After a little more than a year of existence, iLima’s ACIP AI Data Platform has piqued the interest of developers, owners, general contractors and other key stakeholders in the affordable housing market. 

A story of innovation

iLima’s story of innovation is built on a framework that harnesses big data, AI, machine learning and platform technologies and will significantly change the way local businesses and local people build self-sustainable, integrated communities within new community development projects.

South Africa is in the midst of a national housing crisis. The government has reportedly built some 2.7 million low-cost houses. However, according the Centre for Affordable Housing in Africa (CAHF), there is a backlog of between 2.3 million and 3.7 million housing units and this number is growing by 178,000 housing units per year. The government’s mega housing project strategy of 2015 proved too grand and unrealistic and a ‘rapid land release strategy’ has since been introduced in its place.

In reality, this new strategy currently has the same pain points that caused delays for failed mega project plans. This knock-on effect hinders land occupation, township development, property transfers and the issuing of title deeds.

The sites identified for land and services often lie on the outskirts of towns in rural areas. Extensive man hours and resources are required to obtain the land rights and prepare the land for development and is often the cause of major delays.

Smart decision making

Smarter decision making is absolutely essential in order to meet the scale of demands created from new community housing projects. With big data and machine learning, stakeholders will have access to invaluable realtime data throughout the building and “integrated community development” lifecycle. 

iLima offers a solution to accelerate and scale the co-creation of self-sustainable communities together with key strategic partners. It benefits the management of budgets and contracts and will significantly reduce risk, cost and time throughout the build lifecycle. The platform will offer a connected solution for finance and funding, site material and cost considerations. Alternative building technologies as well as pre-permitted building plans and pricing will increase the quality, sustainability and transparency of all future community development projects.

iLima is committed to its intent to become the central platform to design, build, and operate self-sustainable villages. Ultimately, the goal is to deliver integrated human settlement solutions to Africa by using state of the art technologies.